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Stephanie Wachman, is the author of OWN your Time; professional time management strategies for a profitable and balanced life. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer specializing in helping professionals achieve their goals by tapping into their natural abilities. Her areas of focus include productivity and time management, executive coaching, business development, leadership training, communications and organizational culture change. Stephanie is past-president of the International Coach Federation, Colorado Chapter and lives in Denver with her husband and two sons and enjoys skiing, hiking and camping.

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Stephanie Wachman  @salescoachsteph
Abundance thinkers believe there is always more where that came from. https://t.co/z62wjBy8FH via @michaelhyatt 
Stephanie Wachman  @salescoachsteph
"Learn how to improve productivity by reducing mental clutter" https://t.co/a6hySy9wVz by @salescoachsteph on @LinkedIn 
Stephanie Wachman  @salescoachsteph
Try blocking time in your schedule for emailing instead of checking and responding all day long. It will make you more productive. 


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