Connecting Blockchain with Business

Welcome to Fall, the final push for 2018! “U Can Do” what you set out to do this year and more!

This week Boost Biz Ed tackles beating Bitcoin. Money has everything to do with biz, and innovative approaches disrupt for new success in an ever-evolving marketplace. Together, let’s keep up!

Since the beginning of the “fad” called the “Internet”, Peter Kent has been translating tech phenomenon so the common person can take advantage. He is among the most prolific writers on the technology. Now Peter cracks at the evolution of currency. Allow him to demystify both the myth and the math of blockchain, another technology here to stay.

Get your ticket now and join the game-changers THIS Friday morning at Boost Biz Ed DTC.

**NEXT WEEK** BBE Westminster kicks back off on the north side with Kerry Borcherding sharing “Alignment: The #1 Catalyst to Increase Your Biz” on Wed. Sept. 12 at Switchboard Networking Boutique. Secure your seat now and restart your Fall with us!

U Can Do! We’ve got your fuel! Make it a great week!


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Dru has spent his career manipulating message and media for large and small businesses (from AT&T and Yale University to local health practices, property managers and attorneys). While he started in Journalism ages ago, with a degree from John Brown University in Arkansas, the past 11 years he has been an entrepreneur with Call To Action Alliance. He founded Boost Denver 6 years ago and has enjoyed serving the small business community with actionable education.

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