Celebrate Our Freedom

Two-hundred and forty-two years ago this Wednesday, the Second Continental Congress made a bold declaration that would transform the continent and the world. While these United State of America may seem disunited more so than memory can serve, can we reflect on how somewhat similar-to-us persons sought freedom from oppression in order to pursue abundant lives both collaboratively and individually?

Simultaneously, we relish certain freedoms not afforded to citizens of other nations and take up the flag to fight for a better world. As a non-historian I struggle to find bipartisan words, so I beg off the flames that so quickly engulf any hint of politics.

Can we please recognize and celebrate what unites us!

Part of the “American dream”, I believe, is to forge one’s way independently as a self-directed small business. Additionally, I am convinced part of the individual dream is to do something big and impact the world for the better. Boost Biz Ed seeks to empower small biz to realize these big dreams. Thank you for being a part of the collaborative effort!

Regrettably, Boost Biz Ed DTC for Friday has been cancelled. Catch DTC on July 20.

A week from the 4th, don’t miss Boost Biz Ed Westminster: “How to Plan a Web Project: Tech for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs” thanks to Miriam Suzanne of OddBird. Get your ticket now!

Have a wonderful, safe, and full Independence Day celebration!

Dru Shockley
Founder, Boost Biz Ed


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Dru has spent his career manipulating message and media for large and small businesses (from AT&T and Yale University to local health practices, property managers and attorneys). While he started in Journalism ages ago, with a degree from John Brown University in Arkansas, the past 11 years he has been an entrepreneur with Call To Action Alliance. He founded Boost Denver 6 years ago and has enjoyed serving the small business community with actionable education.

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