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1 + 1 = 5 : The Science of Strategic Alliances

Wed, Jun 8, 2011 | 9:30 - 11am
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9:30 AM to


Corporate Office Centers

Denver, CO, 80237

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George Tyler

3rd Eagle

About George

Having spent over 25 years developing alliances, George created Third Eagle Consultation, to aim companies towards their customers with the right alliance partnerships. His experience in marketing, sales and management has led to successful strategic alliances for hundreds of companies.

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1 + 1 = 5 : The Science of Strategic Alliances


Does your business grow through key relationships? Join us Wednesday, June 8 as George Tyler helps members plan to grow through key relationships.

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Corporate Office Centers

Corporate Office Centers
4643 Ulster Street, 8th Floor, Denver, CO, 80237

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