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5 Keys to a Knock-out Presentation

Wed, Aug 6, 2014 | 9:30 – 11am

Let’s face it, we are sick of bad presentations. We are sick of 20 bullet-points on one slide. Sick of people saying there presentation will be fun and then they kill us by reading their first three slides. You don’t have to be a PowerPoint or Prezi genius to impact your audience. So? How do you create a killer presentation? Learn the five ways to create a killer presentation.

What other are say: Your presentation was awesome! It turned on the lights in that dark antiquated part of my brain! Before it felt like pulling teeth without anesthesia to sit down to work in PowerPoint. Now, I’m so excited to create my next presentation deck! — Barbara Crawford, Founder, Emotional Self Sufficiency.

Participants Learned
  • You will think more like a designer.
  • You will be able to create presentations faster.
  • You will design slides with more impact.
  • Most of all, your presentations will become more memorable.

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Paul Vorreiter is a presentation expert and designer with over two decades of graphic design, branding and marketing experience. He speaks and teaches workshops on creating better presentations using powerful but simple-to-learn techniques that take presentations from okay to outstanding. Paul works with Nationally-known Keynote Speakers, C-Level Executives and Non-profit Organizations and helps them transform their presentations.

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