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Beyond Reasons Workshop

Sat, Mar 17, 2018 | 9-5pm (both days)

Event Description

Your mind is powerful. From our earliest years, it learns how to protect us, challenge us, grow with us. It creates assumptions and unconscious habits that enable us to walk out the front door, even when the day ahead holds uncertainty.

You are left with a choice. You can choose to continue living by your old fixed beliefs, or you can get beyond those outdated reasons and begin an exploration of yourself through our weekend workshop, Beyond Reasons.

Special Offer For Boost Biz Ed participants:

This incredible 2-Day workshop for ONLY $295! ($500 in savings!)
{use code: CBCC}

Location: South Orange County, (Sat/Sun 9-5pm)
Dates to choose from: 3/17-3/18, 4/7-4/8 or 6/23-6/24

RSVP LINK: www.GetBeyondYourReasons.com
ENTER CODE: CBCC for special pricing!

Leisa Reid

Productive Learning

About Leisa

Leisa Reid presents on behalf of Productive Learning, a boutique personal growth company founded in 1992. She speaks for 1000’s of people throughout Southern California training on the power of the mindset. In 2013, she founded the OC Speakers Network, a talented group of presenters who collaborate and share speaking referrals.

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