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Building Trust - the Key to Growing Sales and Building Business

Wed, Oct 10, 2012 | 9:30 – 11am

Trust is the key element to take communication to a more impactful level. If you can’t communicate at a more impactful level, sales will always be a “numbers game.” Come learn how to make the numbers start to swing more in your favor.

Who should attend?

If you are:

  • Tired of prospects that never say “Yes” and never buy from you.
  • Frustrated because you are the obvious right choice but they just don’t get it and go with the competition
  • Concerned that your time and energy to grow your business aren’t paying off
  • Just want to understand people better
  • Are serious about raising the bar.

Participants Learned
  • The communication structure that creates trust with another person
  • The two prospecting behaviors that always decrease trust and raise suspicion
  • Why prospects revert to price and shop you even if you offer more value and what to do about it
  • The 5 biggest road blocks to sales and business success and what to do about them
  • Give yourself a true advantage over your competition

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Corporate Office Centers

Corporate Office Centers
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John Nelson

Achievement Dynamics

About John

Change. It is always about change. No matter your goal – whether life in general or business in particular – your capacity for success is determined by your capacity for change. Great leaders recognize that they must demonstrate change if they want their people to change. Unfortunately, most people survive change. I believe in thriving through change. This is the only way I know to play a bigger game.

I WORK WITH THOSE THAT HOLD THE LONG TERM VISION OF SUCCESS FOR THEIR ORGANIZATION. We help them first determine if they have the right people on the bus to achieve that vision of success and then look at do they have the right processes in place for those people to succeed.


• Spending too much time “in the business” and not working “on the business” and not having the life you want.

• Frustration with a culture that “coasts” and “doesn’t look to excel.”

• Mad about turnover issues – can’t keep your “A” players and have too many “C”s or worse.

• Ticked off because you have a team that always needs help and can’t ever seem to supervise itself or even take responsibility for solving simple problems.

• Not going to the bank enough from your selling efforts.


• Self motivated, high performance teams.

• A company that people truly want to be part of – something much more than a job.

• Hearing from your employees, “Thank you for changing my life.”

• Creating and implementing processes that hit the top line and bottom line revenue goals

I bring over 20 years of work in the fields of psychology, NLP, Sandler Training, subconscious technologies, communication, leadership, sales and human development to help my clients create change and have fun doing it.

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