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How to Achieve Optimal Functioning

Wed, Apr 11, 2012 | 9:30 - 11am

Over 90% of Olympic Athletes use mental skills training to perform at their peak. These athletes practice mental, physical and emotional skills to be able to turn any experience into their advantage despite stress, pressure, or challenging situations and achieve peak levels of human performance. However, these skills are easy to learn and can be incredibly helpful to not only athletes but for anyone who is trying to perform at their optimal potential. In the athletic world, optimal or peak performance is called getting in “the zone”. In this speech we explore 5 skills that have been proven to help athletes or corporate athletes get in the zone of optimal functioning. You will lean how to apply these skills individually or as a business team which can easily help boost sales, increase customer service skills, improve conflict management resolutions, and reduce health care costs.

Participants Learned
  • Reduce Stress Levels and Communicate with Customers more Effectively
  • Improve Job Focus, Goals and Increase Sales Performance
  • Create Motivation and Energy to Attract and Keep Clients

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Corporate Office Centers
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Erik Leslie

Focus & Flow, LLC

About Erik

My philosophy as a practitioner is an integrative holistic perspective, which embodies the intersection between both transformative or spiritual practices, as well as scientific research. I take a psycho-spiritual approach and have found that integrating and overlapping research from science and the art of applying that science, which I call transformative practice, has profound effects on many areas in life including: health functions in body, increase in positive thoughts and emotions, boost performance at work, school, or even sports. Health and healing are both a science and an art, as well as a choice to consciously transform throughout everyday life.

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