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Thu, Jan 25, 2018 | 4 – 5:30pm PST

Event Description

The premise is leaders are not born, they are made. I am living proof. Born in Winnemucca, Nevada and from age 5 to 10 lived in a desert town of McDermitt, Nevada, population 67!

At 17, I joined the USMC and learned the application of the principles and traits of leadership that allowed me promotion from the lowest rank to Lt. Col. Upon retirement, I applied these skills in private industry as a manager and executive in marketing, engineering, and manufacturing. At the age of 23 in Vietnam I commanded over 350 Marines in a combat environment without one death. I served with and was served by the best, including 5 Medal of Honor winners, a Commandant of the Marine Corps, 2 assistant commandants, the Sgt. Major of the Marine Corps and Command Master Chief of the Navy.

I attribute my success in life to my understanding and application of the knowledge I will share during this presentation.

Pain is weak, indecisive, ineffective leadership. Gain is self improvement by learning to apply JJ DID TIE Buckle and what that means to those who earn the title US Marine.


Come and fuel up on actionable education from business experts with like-minded action-ready biz owners and pros. Not a veiled sales pitch, actionable education is insights, information and strategy you can use immediately to lift your business to a higher level.

Boost Biz Ed started in Denver 8 years ago and now is expanding to help community-focused allies deliver value, earn credibility and be a part of the ascension of the local economy.

Let’s rise together!

Guests Learned
  • Leaders are made not born
  • Not all leadership is authoritative
  • Metrics are important
  • JJ did tie Buckle
  • Reason and Balance is critical
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Bill Ford

United States Marine Corps, Retired

About Bill

Bill Ford is 74-year-old retired Marine who served 24 years with 20 on active duty and survived the Vietnam war as a company commander and long time combat engineer, following the best leaders and becoming one himself. Bill served with 5 Medal of Honor winners and both a former Commandant of the Marine Corps and the command Sgt Major. After retirement, Bill transferred his leadership to 16 years in an electronics company.

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