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Make your Business Unforgettable - Market Positioning

Wed, Feb 23, 2011 | 9:30 – 11am

Does your biz look, sound, feel too much like your competitors? Then it’s time to clarify your market positioning, that proverbial “stake in the ground.” Crafting an authentic market position for your brand will help you separate and elevate your product/service.

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Pecanne Eby


About Pecanne

The marketing leaders and business owners I work with tell me I’m good at “marketing triage”​– determining what they need to do and how it will get done. My motto is, “we can do anything, but we cannot do everything.” Which means I enjoy helping clients prioritize things.

Typically, small to mid-sized organizations are my sweet spot, however associations or certifying bodies are a special niche for me.

One of the things that makes working with me unique is my background as a marketing executive, advertising agency professional and also an adjunct marketing professor. So I’ve worked on all sides of the marketing desk.

Here are typical questions and issues that my clients ask me.
— How do we gain a foothold in content marketing?
— We know our target audiences but do they do not know us.
— What’s new in marketing? What we’ve always done no longer works.
— Our logo, company name and/or tagline is outdated, what’s involved with rebranding?
— We’re ready to hire more marketing people but we’re not sure about their job
descriptions or how to interview them.
— How do we find an advertising or digital agency partner that will be a good fit?

What I do is not a fit for everyone. But if these questions resonate with you, or someone you know, give me a call at 303-482-2753 and ask for Pecanne (which rhymes with Lee Ann!). Or visit www.brandmentoring.com and download our free guide, “5 Secrets of Brands That Sell.”

— Brand building
— Voice of the customer research
— Content marketing planning and coaching
— Brand archetypes, architecture and positioning
— Facilitating planning and alignment sessions
— Speaking and training on various marketing topics

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