The Path of the Hero!

How to Overcome & Accomplish Literally Anything You Desire

Fri, Oct 19, 2018 | 9:30 – 11am MST

What should I expect?

Discover how to overcome obstacles that sabotage your success, freedom, and joy in life. You’ll also learn & understand the various levels of competency & self-care that have the power to rescue you from anything that holds you back & lead to you to self-mastery in literally anything you desire!

How will I be empowered?
  • The Science of Change & Evolution
  • Why Self-Care Matters
  • The Path of the Hero
  • The 4 Keys to Maximizing Your Success
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Innovation Pavilion
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Jess Bonasso

Awaken Within

Who is this Jess Bonasso?

Jess Bonasso has been a burnout rescue & prevention coach, author, & keynote speaker for close to 11 years.

Having experienced burnout in both her 13 ½ year corporate career & as a heart-centered entrepreneur, her definition of success & quest for productivity zapped her radiance, destroyed her joy, sabotaged her success, and ultimately led her to burnout.

Fortunately, it also led to a spiritual awakening & she has since learned over the years how to save herself from burnout!

As a result of her experience, she’s become affectionately known as The Self Care Goddess over the years & has created The Burnout Rescue! a powerful & proven 6-part hero’s guide that teaches worn out wonder women who save & serve others in business, health, & finance how to rescue themselves from the cellular root cause of any self-sabotage that leads to burnout or breakdown.

She is also an accredited practitioner of The Journey Method®, a highly effective form of cellular memory release therapy that has the power to resolve the cellular root cause of any emotional, physical, mental, or financial self-sabotage that you might be struggling with.

Because of her experience with burnout & her passion for personal empowerment, Jess is now on a mission to awaken & strengthen the hero within every woman on the face of the planet so they can heal core wounds at the cellular level, reclaim their strength, & embrace their inner power without self-sacrifice!

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Why should I trust Jess?

I have been in business for close to 11 years now & have established a name for myself throughout the Denver metro area as a burnout rescue coach & professional speaker. I know a lot of entrepreneurs in the area because I have been part of both the South Denver Metro & Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Women of Denver, Wildly Successful Women, & Women, Wine, & Wellness over the years. I also have my own meetup group with over 200 members & am personally & professionally active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. For every presentation that I offer, I promote the event in my monthly newsletter which goes out to close to 1100 subscribers, I post on social media at least 2 weeks in advance on both my personal & professional pages, & I also add it as event to my meetup group. If you have a Facebook event that you create, I am also happy to invite, share & promote that event with others as well!

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