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Your Hands Will Tell You!

How Scientific Hand Analysis Impacts Personal & Professional Success

Wed, Apr 11, 2018 | 9:30 – 11am MT

Event Description

Are you unfulfilled, in a rut, or feeling like something is missing? Do you crave more purpose, passion, and freedom in your life and work? Would you like to be an even more effective leader and role model through deeper self-awareness and authenticity? Jayne Sanders, Purpose Coach and Advanced Scientific Hand Analyst, will present provocative details about this fascinating, life-changing technology featured in a FORBES article about her and the accuracy of her work. Our hands contain coded information like a blueprint that uncovers your life purpose, special gifts, blind spots/challenges, and much more.

It is NOT fortune-telling… therapists, coaches, and even neurologists use this profound and complex tool. Clients say Jayne’s work is mind-blowing, shockingly accurate, amazing, and life-changing. Come join us for an unforgettable event!

Guests Learned
  • Understand how living inauthentically causes challenges and pain
  • How living on purpose brings joy, fulfillment, and success
  • How to discover your true design, gifts, and blind spots – with the most accurate tool anywhere
  • How SHA works and the science behind it
  • Improve relationships by understanding your relationship style…one tiny aspect of SHA
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Switchboard Networking Boutique
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Jayne Sanders

Precision Wisdom

About Jayne

With an MBA and over 25 unfulfilling years in the corporate world, Jayne started a focused search for her life purpose and more meaningful, joyful work. She found Scientific Hand Analysis, and her life hasn’t been the same since! It went from great to fabulous, and she now wakes up every day inspired about her life and work. Now a MASTER Scientific Hand Analyst featured in a FORBES article about her work, Jayne’s passion is to help other leaders and business owners feel the same way! Using Scientific Hand Analysis and her proprietary Purposeful Passionate Living process, she reveals your (and/or your team’s) life purpose, special talents, and blind spots, then guides you into the inspired meaning, passion and fulfillment you crave in your life and work! Team benefits are numerous as well. Better results in every direction!

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