Call for Allies

Action Heroes & Heroines Needed to Empower Local Small Biz

Actionable Education
from Local Superheroes
to Small Biz World Changers

Collaborate, Lift Small Biz, Boost Your Sales

Premise 1

Hidden in plain clothes in our biz community, there are heroines and heroes, those who have accomplished mighty things via their superpowers.

These experts stand ready to help small biz via offers of education, consultation, coaching, services or goods.

They seek a platform to expose their superpower and reveal their offer.

Premise 2

Small biz must collaborate to succeed.

Savvy entrepreneurs know this.

The American dream need not be a lonely enterprise. We need each other to provide what we cannot supply from within.

Premise 3

Action trumps education.

In a world of overwhelming information, too often we either tune it out or consume it yet take no action.

Momentum requires action to build upon itself.

Premise 4

Small biz is uniquely poised to change the world.

Over half of Americans own or work for a small biz, yet industry, society and the planet suffers. Small biz is decisive enough, agile enough and unencumbered to improve upon this world we share.

Agree? Learn more...

Boost Biz Ed is a series of actionable education and networking events collaboratively produced by an alliance of biz experts. Actionable education is street smarts, business insights and inspiration, presented for immediate application.

Each collaborative alliance consists of five steady allies (a venue, an emcee, a coordinator, a media expert and a social media expert) plus a featured ally (the educator).

Each Ally Has an Offer

A healthy economy depends on the movement and regular application of resources. Each ally clearly expresses what they sell — how to further tap their superpower — in the form of an offer. An offer may be for packaged education, for coaching or consulting services or for a business-to-business products or other services.

In addition to events, Boost Biz Ed is a persisting online marketplace for available ally offers.

If you have a superpower to rescue the American dream, please apply.

Join the action alliance.

The application form below focuses on the following to best prepare Boost Biz Ed for promoting you and your offer.

  • Offer details
  • Personal details
  • Role selection
  • Commitments

If your interest is exclusively being an educator, this separate form asks questions regarding your presentation. You may use the form below, in addition, to specify your offer.

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    Ally Roles & Actions

    Below are listed actions – for all allies and then for each ally role – which may be intimidating at first glance. Actions during an event are easiest to understand and accomplish.

    Equally vital to our success are the actions before and after events. These we facilitate as much as we can but still require intention and execution by allies.

    Boost Biz Ed attempts to centrally facilitate every action with updated scripts and instructions.

    All Allies

    Allies shares the responsibility to

    1. Attract 5 guests each to every event,
    2. Execute the event, and
    3. Perform diligent follow up on new connections and prospects.

    Each event is within an 11-week window for promotion/preparation ahead of the event, the event and then follow up after the event.

    See the bottom of this page for the Continuum Action Plan of actions surrounding an event.


    Before the Event

    • Weekly activities to attract 5 guests from your sphere of influence.
    • 6 weeks prior: Co-host Zoom call with speaker and available allies

    At the Event

    • Give meaning & order
    • Deflect attention (as oppose to absorbing the limelight)
    • Comfortably and enthusiastically address up to 40 guests on site and an unlimited number of online guests.
    • Follow a provided script without much deviation, yet with personalization.
    • Announce your offer for guests to take action with you.

    After the Event

    • In coordination with other allies, professionally follow up with guests, especially those expressing interest in your offer.

    Before the Event

    • 8 weeks prior: use script to post to Eventbrite and Meetup
    • Weekly activities to attract 5 guests from your sphere of influence.
    • Prepare action forms
    • Prepare Eventbrite for on-site registration.

    At the Event

    • Ensure a welcoming experience
    • Empower action
    • Bring action forms (and pads).
    • Help set up room.
    • Comfortably and enthusiastically greet up to 40 guests on site, securing their registration and payment, familiarizing them with the venue and directing them into networking.
    • Announce your offer for members to take action.
    • Collect action forms.
    • Help tear down the room.

    After the Event

    • Enter remaining guest contact and action information into Google sheets.
    • Email speaker and allies attendance and feedback data.
    • Pass on material from the educator.
    • In coordination with other allies, professionally follow up with guests, especially those expressing interest in your offer.
    Social Media

    These responsibilities are up for discussion.

    Before the Event

    • Weekly activities to attract 5 guests from your sphere of influence.
    • Coach and prompt other allies to mimic and complement your activity.

    8 weeks prior

    • Create multipurpose image for use across channels
    • 8 weeks prior: create topical memes
    • 8 weeks prior: with provided script post event to Facebook pages

    6 weeks prior

    • LinkedIn?

    2 weeks prior

    • Prep Live Tweet content
    • Prep 4 quote images?
    • Prep hashtag list
    • Prep shout-out list (Twitter)
    • Prep invite list (Facebook) friend ahead of time

    At the Event

    • Extend Reach of Content and Offers via live social media activity
    • Tweet memes
    • Invite list
    • Shout out to list
    • Announce your offer for members to take action.

    After the event

    • Post thanks to educator
    • In coordination with other allies, professionally follow up with guests, especially those expressing interest in your offer.
    Media (Video)
    These actions are up for discussion.

    Before Event

    • Weekly activities to attract 5 guests from your sphere of influence.

    2 weeks prior

    • Prepare feed video trailer
    • Prepare offer videos

    Week of

    • Setup Facebook Live lead up

    At the Event

    • Arrive 30 minutes before start.
    • Provide all equipment needed for video, including recording device, tripod or studio stick, microphones, lights, etc.
    • Instruct allies on best practices.
    • Initiate Facebook Live.
    • Capture the full Boost Biz Ed experience, starting at introductions through to the action items at the end.
    • Announce your offer for members to take action with you.
    • Capture 3-5 video testimonials at the end and

    After the Event

    • Promote segments on Facebook.
    • Optimize Live Video with details and tags from script, save link to
    • Download video
    • Upload video with details and tags from script, save link to 
    • In coordination with other allies, professionally follow up with guests, especially those expressing interest in your offer.
    Venue Host
    • Comfortably and safely seat up to 40 guests with clear view of speaker and screen, preferably with tables or surfaces for note taking.
    • Setting and accommodations appropriate for a professional audience.
    • Provide large TV screen and/or projector and screen with connections for computer.
    • Ample, convenient, inexpensive or free parking.
    • Optimally, provide simple refreshments in the form of coffee.
    • Allow directional and promotional signage along the full, accessible path to the room.
    • Attend the event with at least one representative in order to announce your offer for on-site and online participants to take action with you.
    • Promote event and series to your community starting 8 weeks from the event with the aim of attracting at least 5 guests. 

    These action heroes are the lifeblood of the service that Boost Biz Ed provides for small biz entrepreneurs. Our educators share from their superpowers and enlighten us to how we can immediately improve business.

    Each educator has an offer whereby a small business could take a big action for their biz.

    Learn more about being and Educator Ally here.

    Continuum Action Plan

    8w, 6w, 4w, 2w, W indicate weeks prior. E is the event. fW, fw3 indicate weeks following an event.

    • 8w: like, cross friend, cross follow, cross connect among allies, especially the featured educator.
    • Every week: perform some of the attraction actions
    • 6w: participate in Zoom promo call (to be aired 3w)
    • 4w: connect with educator, start personal  conversation on topic
    • 2w, W: email forward or generate own email
    • W: review ally script
    • E:  Set-up, Welcome, Connect/Converse, Execute, Participate, Articulate Offer, Engage, Schedule Follow-up, Invite Back, Tear Down
    • fW: Follow up, invite back
    • fW: Comment/Review/Thank
    • fw3: Follow up, Ask about Action, Invite Back
    Weekly Attraction Actions

    No one ally can reasonably do all these actions. However, it is reasonable to expect each ally to take action as best suits every week. This list is long yet not exhaustive to options for action. Collaboratively all actions create the most heroic motion.

    • (Attend events) (and promote) In person
    • Share event Facebook
    • Share page Facebook
    • Invite 15 people Facebook
    • Tweet? Twitter
    • Direct tweet 10 Twitter
    • Email / forward email
    • Post LinkedIn
    • Write articles on event / topic / speaker LinkedIn
    • Update/submit personal offers
    • Update/submit personal events
    • Invite other groups / cross-promote events live phone/email
    • Solicit other bloggers, influencers, speakers, group leaders to speak or guest emcee in person/phone/email
    • Schedule meetings 30 min before and after with strategic partners to make the most of the opportunity to expose them to Boost Biz Ed and the people in person/phone/email
    • Plan for the other appointments and events to give BBE a mention and use as a to build trust and goodwill. in person
    • Pass out flyers, post flyer, leave flyers behind in person
    • Ask various people to meet you there so you can invite them to each other in person/phone/email
    • Include invitation in leave-behinds as another point to cross paths in person
    • Schedule meeting with educator, ask who would be a powerful connection in person/phone
    • Feature or tie in blog / email / LI article / podcast / radio interview