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Ready to boost biz owners with your expertise?

The biz community is “launch-ready”! Boost Biz Ed is soliciting experts to speak on various high-need topics.

  • Superior customer service
  • Clever marketing
  • Efficient processes
  • Innovative branding
  • Exceptional sales
  • Effective strategy
  • Community outreach
  • Productive hiring
  • Charitable profitability
  • Inspirational leadership
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      Colorado: please find a description of our Vetting Process below.

      Oregon, California: we are not so formal with our process, yet.


      Speaker Opportunity: Present for 40 minutes from your expertise to an action-amped audience of biz owners and pros!

      PLUS be video-taped to Facebook Live (later uploaded to YouTube)!

      PLUS be promoted in emails, social media and print material!

      PLUS promote your offer to the live and digital audience!

      PLUS promote other events where you are featured.

      PLUS remain in the Boost Biz Ed archives.

      Boost Biz Ed is proud of our 8-year tradition of attracting great speakers who deliver actionable business education for an intimate group of business owners and professionals. Actionable simply means our guests can latch onto ideas and make immediate improvements to their businesses.

      Thanks again for your interest in sharing your business wisdom and expertise with Boost Biz Ed. While our workshops are not sales pitches, we are fully committed to you benefiting directly and in many ways.

      The Value We Deliver for Speakers
      • Promote via email, social media and print collateral so your exposure expands beyond those who are able to attend.
      • Motivate targeted prospects to RSVP through and
      • Remind them to show up via email.
      • Attract between 25 – 50 participants compelled by you and/or your topic.
      • Broadcast globally to Facebook Live. and then later promote on YouTube.
      • Warm them to you via the lively and engaging event experience.
      • Inspire, uplift and educate them, positioning them to take immediate, enthused action.
      • Motivate them specifically to respond to your focused offer.*
      • Provide you with full attendance contact information for your follow-up.
      • Thank attendees with an email, which again promotes you.
      • Attract some who cannot attend to still pursue you.
      • Increase your brand recognition.
      • Strengthen and sharpen the market perception of your value.
      • NEW: explore additional geographic markets and venues.
      • Continue your exposure to our action-ready audience with never-expiring event pages and offer listings in our emails.
      • Cross promote your other speaking engagements and opportunities for further exposure.
      • Provide excessive communication before and after the event so that you’re aptly prepared and promoted, as well as appreciated.

      * Do identify this offer and how specifically and singularly you’d like participants to engage you. If you are uncertain about your offer, let’s chat so you get the most action from your investment.

      To this end, we need to have your information correct in our system, for promotion on, emails, social media and other channels.

      If you are interested in presenting a workshop, please complete the application form as completely as you can. We’ll work on language and we’ll correspond before securing your spot and promotion, so don’t worry too much about the perfect words.

      (Save a copy of your brilliant writing, just in case…)

      Know a Speaker?

      We have created a downloadable PDF document you can share with speakers who you think would benefit from our platform.
      Vetting Process
      (Oregon, California: We are not yet getting this formal. Please just submit and disregard most of what is below.)


      Phase 1: Once we have received your full submission, if we are inspired by you and your presentation, we’ll request the following so we can proceed with selection.

      1. a 30-60 second selfie-style video addressed to potential guests, in which you express your excitement for how they will be able to directly improve their businesses after your presentation
      2. 5 personal reflections on Boost Biz Ed core values
      3. Additional credentials to sway our selectors
      4. Available dates for sites selected

      At the same time, we may require clarification / adjustment in order to proceed. Or we simply may not see a fit.

      Within 2 weeks, you will be contacted no matter the scenario.

      Phase 2: If you and your presentation fit Boost Biz Ed criteria and the needs of the selected site, we will contact you for booking details.

      We currently book each site and region in 4-month blocks. While Phase 1 happens rapidly, phase 2 moves in a cycle. We will let you know when the next cycle will occur, typically the first weeks of February, June, and October. We appreciate your patience and are committed to keeping our valued allies informed.