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Failure is not defeat. We get knocked down but we rise to a new day. Join us THIS THURSDAY to learn from BNI favorite Tammi Brannan, of Blueprint Process, how to rebuild and learn from efforts that didn't succeed as we had hoped. Discover how to set new goals and...

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Greet the New Face of Biz

The emerging workforce -- this new generation -- will revolutionize your biz... if you are proactive and ready. If not, well, we'll just stick to the upside potential. Brooke Chesnut is a top voice calling small business to take advantage of the talent, enthusiasm and...

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Rise Up from Failure

There always comes failure. "Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker," said Denis Waitley. So true! Our next speaker, Tammi Brannan of Blueprint Process, agrees. Tammi will raise our spirits from the inevitable ashes to keep setting goals or dream bigger...

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Your Year to Shine

This week's 2 Boost Biz Ed presentations will help you -- and your business -- shine in 2018! Did you catch the halftime performance where Justin Timberlake took to the fans and found a youngster with whom to compose a selfie? To me, that moment captured the 2 topics...

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Leaders Need Tools

Let's keep rolling! In 2018, let's truly lead our businesses as well as the biz community! Attention biz leaders! Leaders and execs are naturally inclined to rely on personal judgment and past experience. This is not always the best approach. THIS THURSDAY EVENING...

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Looking for Leaders

Thanks to everyone who attended Boost Biz Ed Oregon last week. We were treated to a stirring conversation on leadership from the military/business perspective of Bill Ford. And we left with specific pointers for improving ourselves for the spheres we influence. Who...

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And the Winner Is … You!

I won't pretend to have watched the award show last night. Yet, any ceremony like that is reminder that success can be ELUSIVE, much less the accolades. I'm excited! Our lone Boost Biz Ed Colorado event this week features a prized gem from here in Oregon. This also...

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Lead the Way, Followers are Waiting

It is not a bad thing to say that the community, the city, the county, the state, the country, the world needs leadership. It is how humanity works. We all need to be both leader and follower. Both roles require skill and practice. As for leadership, we all have times...

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Make 2018 a Banner Sales Year

Small businesses often fail simply because of lack of sales. Many spend inordinate amounts on marketing without being sufficiently prepared to convert leads into sales. It's time to change that and to make 2018 a banner year! Let's talk sales with proven experts. Join...

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