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How to Plan a Web Project

Tech for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs

Wed, Jul 11, 2018 | 9:30 – 11am

Event Description

Are you looking to expand your web presence, or develop a new application for web or mobile? We’ll cover the process from start to finish – the decisions you need to make about team and technology and testing, budget and development costs, and how to build a user-base without relying on “viral” mysticism. After providing an overview of the basics, we’ll open it up for questions. What do you want to know, from a web-product expert in the field?

Come and Learn
  • Strategies to communicate with web developers.
  • Techniques to build a user-base.
  • How to get user feedback without breaking the bank.
  • What to expect when hiring freelancers, agencies, and offshore developers.
  • How web projects are estimated.
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Miriam Suzanne


About Miriam

She is the co-founder of the company I work for and an inspiring and knowledgable professional speaker. She speaks regularly at national tech conferences and business meetups. She co-authored a book on front-end development for beginners and is skilled in explaining complex tech concepts and web development process to non-technical people.

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