Positively Actionable Education

Build Your Leadership Toolbox

Processes & Apps to be a More Effective Leader

Thu, Feb 8, 2018 | 4 – 5:30pm PST

Event Description

Every profession requires tools for its trade. Accountants, Scientists, Professors and Operations managers all have high end tools built to support what they do.

Leaders and Executives are more naturally inclined to rely on personal judgment and past experience. This is not always the best approach. In this presentation we will discuss what leadership tools are and how they can be built into the fabric of how a company is managed.

Come and fuel up on actionable education from business experts with like-minded action-ready biz owners and pros. Not a veiled sales pitch, actionable education is insights, information and strategy you can use immediately to lift your business to a higher level.

Boost Biz Ed started in Denver 8 years ago and now is expanding to help community-focused allies deliver value, earn credibility and be a part of the ascension of the local economy.

Let’s rise together!

Guests Learned
  • Defining leadership for yourself and your company
  • We will update you on the types of tools available to leaders
  • Learn how to integrate leadership tools into your company processes
Boost Biz Ed Oregon is hosted by
460 SW Madison Avenue – Suite #1, Corvallis, OR 97333

Boost Biz Ed

Business Enterprise Center Inc. (The BEC)

Business Enterprise Center Inc. (The BEC)
460 SW Madison Avenue – Suite #1, Corvallis, OR 97333

Upstairs to second floor and then immediately curve around to the right and then to the left.


Bret Carpenter

Corvus Enterprises

About Bret

Bret’s background includes construction management, IT management, technology consulting, operations management, sales, marketing, business counseling, and implementation of management systems within companies.

Bret currently teaches strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing at Oregon State University. He also develops workshops and programs for the Linn-Benton Small Business Development Center.

Bret is equally comfortable in front of a class or a 3D printer. He starts and supports businesses. He especially enjoys leveraging technology for clients. He has extensive experience in applying technology within businesses environments. He also has extensive management, sales, marketing, business operations, business plan development and financial analysis experience.

Bret’s goal is to assist businesses, institutions and entrepreneurs to be more successful in their endeavors, through gaining understanding of their working structures, finances, marketing practices and applying best practices within those structures.

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