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Prioritizing with Power

Wed, Jun 27, 2018 | 9:30 – 11am

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Many professionals are so busy being busy that they are in their own way, keeping themselves from reaching their goals, and not truly productive! In this talk, Julie Miller Davis addresses three ways so many professionals are too busy to get anything done and the remedies that can be put in place so that GOALS CAN BE MET and projects can be completed with excellence and less stress. Find out how much time you really have in 24 hours and how to say NO to the things coming at you all day every day and how to say YES to success and the time to make things happen! It’s time to thrive rather than just survive.

Come and Learn
  • Create more TIME in your daily and weekly schedule
  • Actually DO your “To Do” list
  • Empower your professional self through controlling your calendar
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Julie Miller Davis

Julie Miller Davis

About Julie

I am a driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their own levels of excellence. I work with business owners and leaders getting them laser focused and efficient at conducting their daily business and working through road blocks they may be facing. During my years in business, I have led and developed highly successful teams, helped hundreds of people build their own businesses, and put goals closer in reach than they may have thought possible. My expertise and super power of out-of-the-box thinking help others find new ways to look at their business resulting in growth and shifts into new and exciting directions

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