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Wed, Oct 5, 2016 | 9:30 – 11am

There are a lot of ways a small business owner can create awareness and grow their business but it is not a one-size-fits-all. Chasing after every “shiny” sales object that comes your way can be costly and ineffective. What you need is an effective solution for GROWTH! Michelle shares which marketing efforts deliver the best results – while also saving you time & money.

Participants Learned
  • Stop chasing after every
  • Learn the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to capture attention
  • Understand if your

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Thrive Workplace – Ballpark 1415 Park Ave. West, Denver, CO 80205

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Thrive Workplace – Ballpark

Thrive Workplace – Ballpark
1415 Park Ave. West, Denver, CO 80205
Easily accessed from I-25 or I-70. One block from Coors Field. Free 2-hour parking in front of Guirys or Blake Street Tavern, as available. Ample metered parking all around. We are meeting in the basement training room, down the stairs to your right as you enter.
  1. Thank you for giving us permission to keep things face to face! It was empowering!

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Michelle Renee

Streamlined Business Solutions, LLC

About Michelle

Michelle has a heart for the small business owner and wants to see them succeed and live the life they dream about. To help them achieve this, she has put together a list of strategies that have been proven effective in leading more clients to their door!

Michelle’s topics center around which actions you can start using right away to grow your business; most of which do not even require a large marketing budget! Even better, she shares which methods you can cross off your list altogether, so you can focus on what really matters, saving time & money..

Michelle’s “streamlined” approach to growing your business even extends to her unique offering, the 1-page website because she knows that, “Less-Is-More When Leading Clients to Your Door.”

Michelle has over 16 years of web design experience and has used these same methods to successfully grow her own business.

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