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Getting Along with Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time

Wed, Jan 4, 2017 | 9:30 – 11am

Tired of turnover? Afraid of losing customers? Ready to do more with less and not sure how?

Better than 90% of employees report that communication is the #1 area of improvement for their company. Guess what? It’s not the amount of communication they want to see increased… it’s the quality! And it’s not all about better technical writing!

It’s about getting to the heart of how employees – and customers alike – hear and react to what you say. It’s predictable. It’s recognizable. It’s obvious when you know what to look for!

Participants Learned
  • Understand the 4 basic communication styles
  • Why they are important to your business success
  • How to use them to keep employees engaged
  • How to use them to increase customer loyalty
  • How they allow you to save time, money, and energy

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Thrive Workplace – Ballpark 1415 Park Ave. West, Denver, CO 80205

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Thrive Workplace – Ballpark

Thrive Workplace – Ballpark
1415 Park Ave. West, Denver, CO 80205
Easily accessed from I-25 or I-70. One block from Coors Field. Free 2-hour parking in front of Guirys or Blake Street Tavern, as available. Ample metered parking all around. We are meeting in the basement training room, down the stairs to your right as you enter.
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  1. Teena is amazing how she can pack invaluable insights into a condensed presentation. Anyone lucky enough to get a dose of her will have clear ideas how to immediately make improvements, especially in making the most of our personal relationships. She’s engaging and articulate. As a fellow “S”, Teena, you make me very proud!. Thanks for sharing with us. I’m also glad the experience was caught on Facebook Live so I can get even more and identify more action to take, whether that be to stop something, start something or continue doing something strategic.

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Teena W Barnett, MBA

Team Building Dynamics

About Teena W

Through 21 years of sales in corporate America with small businesses, Teena developed the program she is going to present to us today. This idea came about as a value added service to her customers whom she saw struggling internally with employee issues and externally with customer service and loyalty issues. Teena can record multiple successes in bringing businesses back from the brink of failure by assisting businesses in culture development, change management, employee engagement, customer service and sales training at all levels.

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