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Generate a Continual Stream of New Clients WITHOUT Cold Calling or Being Pushy

Wed, May 24, 2017 | 9:30 – 11am

Event Description

“For entrepreneurs who are ready to fill their businesses with high-paying clients, for good.”

If you are a motivated talented entrepreneur who loves what you do, but wants an easier, more reliable way to generate a constant stream of new clients, then this is for you. You don’t need to be cold calling, feeling pushy, struggling with feast or famine periods, or struggling to find clients anymore. Instead, you need a simple, fail‐proof and reliable constant client system for your business, that will find clients easily, effectively and even automatically.

Guests Learned
  • The 5 major mistakes that stop entrepreneurs from finding clients
  • The #1 reason entrepreneurs struggle to get clients
  • My simple, no-fail 3-step process for generating a lifetime of clients
  • The best methods of attracting clients that are working, right now
  • How to tailor-make your own unique client generation system
Boost Biz Ed Westminster is hosted by
9191 Sheridan Blvd – Ste 300, Westminster, CO 80031

Boost Biz Ed

DaVinci Institute

DaVinci Institute
9191 Sheridan Blvd – Ste 300, Westminster, CO 80031

Park in an available spot. Find DaVinci Institute is on the third floor. Follow signs to the meeting room.

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  1. Donna Evans delivered on showing us a path to the clients! Her approach is very systematic and should be studied by anyone seeking a faster, clearer path to the best prospects. Thanks, Donna for sharing with us so generously!

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Donna Evans

Phenix Growth Partners

About Donna

Donna Evans, guides small business owners to create six figures fast. Clients hire her for her business experience, trust her for her heart, and create six-figure businesses when they take inspired action.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That is absolutely true in Donna’s case. Helping businesses to grow has always been her passion and leading a large chamber of commerce for 9 years helped her to live her dream. Life took a difficult turn when a family member suffered a severe stroke and Donna had a hard decision to make. Needing flexibility, she retired from the chamber and continued to live her dream by starting her firm, Phenix Growth Partners, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs.

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