Marketing Conversion Analysis

Courtesy of Dru Shockley from Call To Action Alliance

Marketing Conversion Analysis

Passion Drives ActionYou’re a passionate business owner, yet

  • you’re frustrated by flat sales
  • you feel invisible in the marketplace
  • your best customers are bouncing away
  • your investment in SEO feels largely wasted
  • so-called professionals have failed you

The problem is your marketing, and likely your website.

Luckily, the answer is in your passions.

Call To Action Alliance Passion Chart

Business owners’ passions fall into 5 categories.

  • products & services
  • customer outcome
  • market & community
  • staff & culture
  • greater cause

You likely identify with at least 3 of these. Digging into these we find stronger differentiation that should be exploited in your marketing and on your website and discover powerful opportunities to do so with the greatest likely engagement.

We don’t stop there. We then apply the passion formula of 5 unevenly weighted factors to identify why and where your sales process is breaking down.

  • passion
  • vision
  • anxieties
  • friction
  • incentives

Your customers buy for their reasons, not yours. And they likely aren’t aware of their own real reasons. For better sales, your passions need to tie back to the unconscious drivers of their actions.

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