Crack Your Brand DNA Code Workshop Special




Receive the EARLY BIRD (save $200 even after official early bird deadline!) pricing for the 2-day workshop in Colorado Springs, September 13-14th, just for being a Boost Biz Ed event participant! Limited seating.

What pain does this address?

This workshop addresses the confusion many businesses have regarding their own competitive advantage, clarity on what makes them different, and the ability to sustain consistencies that build trust. It will help them carve out a unique position within their markets and begin to walk their talk, and articulate their position with ease and confidence.

How does this uniquely address the pain?

Most businesses go straight to marketing to get business in the door; missing the key ingredient to creating distinction, consistency, and customer advocacy. In this workshop, participants will identify, define, and begin to become their unique brand. It will clarify their brand's value position and competitive advantage, and hone their marketing messaging, actions and behaviors, and cultivate the consistencies that build long-term customer trust.

For you

Participants attending the Boost Biz Ed events this summer.

Not for you

Non-participants of the Boost Biz Ed event curriculum.

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