Call for Venues

Expose Your Venue or Space! Lift the Biz Community!

One action at a time, the community rises. One exposure at a time your business grows.

For the local business community, Boost Biz Ed feeds a steady flow of fuel (actionable education) for direct business acceleration. For venue allies, BBE serves a steady stream of action-ready prospects.

Your participation is vital for us all to rise to new heights! Consider hosting Boost Biz Ed at your venue.

Simply complete the Venue Interest Form on this page.

12 Venue Benefits / Boost Biz Ed Commitments
  1. BBE will regularly attract between 20 – 50 attendees. Some will get new exposure; the rest repeat exposure. You are encouraged to greet and interact with each attendee.
  2. Weekly emails to our community will each mention the venue ally three times.
  3. BBE will motivate prospects to RSVP through this website, and/or, where you’ll be featured.
  4. Via email, BBE will remind RSVPs to show up
  5. BBE will inspire, uplift and educate attendees so that they will take immediate action.
  6. During the event, BBE will highlight your business and give you time to make your offer for action clear. Additionally, you are encouraged to provide signage and printed collateral, such as brochures, cards, etc
  7. BBE will provide you with full contact information, upon request, of all attendees. You won’t have to worry about meeting everyone.
  8. BBE will fully prepare you with information and all ally contacts before each event. You will never be in the dark.
  9. BBE will provide digital and print promotional material 6 weeks before each event. We ask that you regularly invite your community to benefit with ours.
  10. BBE will immediately provide content live on Facebook Live.
  11. BBE will later provide video content on and the event page on this website. Your location will be included in the description with a hotlink. Viewers will get a sense of using your space. You are encouraged to use this video collateral in your promotion.
  12. BBE will routinely revisit how we can bring even more value to our valued venue.

* Do identify your offer and how specifically you’d like attendees to take action with you. If you are uncertain about your offer, let’s chat so you get the most action from your involvement with Boost Biz Ed.

Venue Role & Responsibilities

Please review and commit to the requirements before submitting a request.

  • Comfortably and safely seat up to 60 guests with clear view of speaker and screen, preferably with tables or surfaces for note-taking.
  • Setting and accommodations appropriate for a professional audience.
  • Provide large TV screen and/or projector and screen with connections for computer AND personal, technical assistance, as needed.
  • Provide WiFi Internet access.
  • Provide ample, convenient, inexpensive or free parking.
  • Optimally, provide simple refreshments, such as coffee.
  • Allow directional and promotional signage along the full, handicap-accessible path to the room.
  • Attend the event with at least one representative in order to announce your offer* for on-site and online participants to take action with you.
  • Promote event and series to your community starting 6 weeks from the event with the aim of attracting at least 5 attendees.
  • OPTIMAL INVESTMENT: Offer space in exchange for exposure, benefits listed above and opportunity to interact with each attendee and pitch offer.

To this end, we need to have your information correct in our system, for promotion on, emails, and other channels.

Here is our agenda:


( – 0:30 ) allies arrive early to set up and greet early arrivers
0:00 – 0:15 open networking / settling in
0:15 – 0:30 opening remarks, around-the-room introductions
0:30 – 1:15 featured workshop presentation
1:15 – 1:30 ally action opportunities, around-the-room action feedback, announcements
( 1:30 – 2:00 ) attendees stay to network

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